Goodies-Related Theatre Programmes



Cambridge Footlights


Participation in the Cambridge Footlights lead to the Goodies' professional careers. Shown here are programmes from productions in which Tim, Graeme and/or Bill contributed as writers, performers, or both.

Double Take


Cambridge Footlights 1962 Revue

Cast: Robert Atkins, Humphrey Barclay, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Nigel Brown, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Alan George, Tony Hendra, Miriam Margolyes

Music: Hugh Macdonald

Producer: Trevor Nunn

Script Committee: Robert Atkins, Humphrey Barclay, Anthony Buffery, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Tony Hendra, Ian Lang, Hugh Macdonald, Trevor Nunn

Additional Material: Nigel Brown, John Cassels, Chris Stuart-Clark, Cliff, Alan George, Lewis, Mayes, Bill Oddie



A Clump of Plinths


Cambridge Footlights 1963 Revue  (this is the show that later became Cambridge Circus)

Cast: Tim Brooke-Taylor, Anthony W.H.Buffery, John Cleese, David Hatch, Jo Kendall, Bill Oddie, Chris Stuart-Clark

Music: Hugh Macdonald, Bill Oddie

Musical Director: Hugh Macdonald

Band: Chris Hilton (Bass), Martin Kemp (Alto Sax and Clarinet), Jonathan Lynn (listed as “Johnny Lynn” – drums), Hugh Macdonald (piano), Fred Yeadon (trumpet)

Producer: Humphrey Barclay

Script: Tim Brooke-Taylor, Tony Buffery, John Cleese, Graeme Garden, David Hatch, Jeremy Heal, Hugh Macdonald, John McEwen, Bill Oddie, Chris Stuart-Clark. 



Stuff What Dreams are Made Of


Cambridge Footlights 1964 Revue

Cast: John Cameron, Graeme Garden, David Gooderson, Sue Heber-Percy, Flick Hough, Mark Lushington, Jonathan Lynn, Guy Slater

Music: Jim Beach, Anthony Buffery, John Cameron, Brian Gascoigne, Bill Oddie

Musical Director: Brian Gascoigne

Producer: Mark Lushington

Script: Jim Beach, Anthony Buffery, John Cameron, Robert Cushman, Richard Eyre, Graeme Garden, Brian Gascoigne, Jeremy Heal, Sue Heber-Percy, Flick Hough, Eric Idle, Johnson, Jones, Lewis, Mark Lushington, Jonathan Lynn, Andrew Mayer, Osmotherly



My Girl Herbert


Cambridge Footlights 1965 Revue

Cast: Eric Idle, Sheila Buhr, John Cameron, Christie Davies, John Grillo, Germaine Greer, Robin Nelson, Mervyn Riches, Matt Walters

Musical Director: John Cameron

Producer: John Hope-Mason

Script: Anthony Buffery, Sheila Buhr, John Cameron, Graeme Garden, David Gillies, Eric Idle, Clive James, M.Z.Lewin, Andrew Mayer, Robin Nelson, Mike Rose 




Cambridge Circus




London Programme   New Zealand Programme   New York Program


The 1963 Cambridge Footlights revue (A Clump of Plinths) enjoyed considerable success after its initial run at the university.  Renamed Cambridge Circus, the show played London's West End before traveling to New Zealand and New York (starting on Broadway and then continuing in an off-Broadway run).  Pictured here are programmes from England, New Zealand, and the US.

The record album from the show can be seen in the Radio Show Records & CDs section of this guide



The Unvarnished Truth



Tim & Graeme appeared together in this farce in 1978, along with their former I'm Sorry I\ll Read That Again cast mate Jo Kendall.  The rest of the cast for the London run included the play's author Royce Ryton plus Gabrielle Hamilton, Gwyneth Owen, Ivor Roberts, Morar Kennedy, and Joyce Donaldson.






The Goodies Stage Shows




Program from 1st Australian Tour   Program from 2nd Australian Tour   Program from UK tour


As explained in the Goodies Books section of this website, each issue of the 1973 run of the weekly comic COR!! included a multi-page adventure featuring The Goodies. While the stories and artwork were not created by the Goodies themselves, the comics are copyrighted to Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor, and Graeme Garden.

The Goodies were featured on the covers of four issues in this run.  Seen below are the four covers; next to each is a larger version of the Goodies drawing from that cover.


I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Official Stage Tour



The souvenier programmes from the I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue tours. The first programmes was sold at the shows in 2007 & 2008 and included the cast of Humphrey Lyttelton, Tim Brooke-Taylor,  Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden, Jeremy Hardy, & Colin Sell.  The second version was first sold at the 2009 tours in which Jack Dee had become the new chairman.

The tour dates can be found in this guide on the ISIHAC Stage Tour page.


1st ISIHAC Stage
 Tour Programme

  2nd ISIHAC Stage
Tour Programme