Graeme's Solo Videos


Like the other Goodies, Graeme Garden has appeared in many other television shows and films.  This page focuses on home video releases of Graeme\'s solo work as an actor or presenter.

In some cases only representative samples of a title are shown, rather than attempting to cover every release (for example, when a video has been repackaged as part of a box set, reissued with a new catalog number, released in another country/region, or released on Blu-Ray).  Some titles also may be available from authorized online streaming services such as Amazon Instant Video - you may wish to check the services available in your part of the world.

In addition to general releases of television shows & movies, this page also has a selection of Corporate Videos in which Graeme appeared as an actor or narrator.  Corporate videos typically are commissioned by a company or organization for use as a training, promotional, or informational video. The Corporate videos appearing on this page are ones I've happened to find; I\'m sure there are many others.


Graeme's Solo Television Shows and Films




Australian DVD

Australian DVD

Yes Minister (VHS & DVD)


Graeme appears in the series 2 episode entitled The Death List.  Note that this is the series Yes Minister, not the follow-up Yes Prime Minister. This episode is included in multiple \"complete collection\" box sets.

VHS Tapes

Yes Minister: The Compassionate Society, Doing the Honours, The Death List
PAL format
BBC Worlwide - BBCV 5863
Released 2 july 1997.  87 min

Yes Minister Complete Series 2 
PAL format
Released XX.  202 min


Yes Minister - Series 2
PAL Region 2.  1 disk
2entertain video
Released 30 September 2002.  204 minutes.

The Complete Yes Minister Collector\'s Boxset
PAL Region 2.  4 disks
2entertain Video
Released 15 November 2004.  660 minutes

The Complete Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister
PAL Region 2.  7 disks
Released 16 October 2006.  1074 minutes

Yes Minister: The Complete Collection
NTSC Region 1.  4 disks
BBC Worldwide
Released 20 May 2003.  613 min




My Summer with Des (VHS & DVD)


Graeme Garden makes a cameo appearance in this 1998 film with Neil Morrissey and Rachel Weisz.

PAL format
Carlton Home Entertainment 30370 50443
Released 26 May 1998.  80 minutes

PAL Region 2
Revelation Films
Released 4 August 2008.  80 minutes


PAL VHS tape


The Student Prince (VHS & DVD)


Graeme makes a cameo appearance in this 1998 film.

PAL format
BBC Worldwide BBCV 6556
Released 1 February 1999.  92 minutes

NTSC Region 1
Acorn Media AMP 7559
Released 10 May 2005.  92 minutes





Whoops Apocalypse (VHS & DVD)


Graeme has a small role in the British television series Whoops Apocalypse as "Man who walks to the phone". 


Whoops Apocalypse
PAL Region 2.  1 DVD 
ITV Studios Home Entertainment 
Released 12 May 2003.  87 minutes

Whoops Apocalypse - The Complete Apocalypse 
PAL Region 2.  2 dvds
Network 7952668
Released 29 March 2010.  240 minutes
This release contains all six episodes of the 1982 ITV cult political sitcom plus the 1986 spin-off feature film. 

Whoops Apocalypse
PAL format
Released 26 June 2000.  87 minutes



Canadian DVD

Australian DVD

Bromwell High (DVD)


Graeme Garden voiced teacher Mr. Bibby in this 2005 animated series which was a British/Canadian co-production.  Thirteen episodes were made: Tolerance, Police Story, Keisha's in Love, No More Teachers, Fire Drill, Valentine's Day, Goodbye Mr. Crisps, Baby Room, Sack Race, Prefect, Natella Takes Charge, Drama Queen, and Sweets.


Bromwell High - The Complete Series 1 and 2
PAL Region 2.  2 disks.
2entertain E2DVD0043
Released 2 October 2006.  309 min
This set was produced in the UK, where only six episodes of Bromwell High had been broadcast.  Because of this, those six episodes were considered to be "series 1", while the seven unaired episodes went on disk 2 as 'series 2".  
This set also includes extras such as a Making of Bromwell High short, deleted scenes and outtakes, commentary on the episode Sweets and the original animatic storyboard for the episode Baby Boom.

Bromwell High - The Complete Season
NTSC Region 1.  2 disks.
Teletoon Detour 
Released 19 August 2008
This set includes all 13 episodes.  Unlike in the UK, all thirteen episodes were aired in Canada; for this reason the set is named The Complete Season.  The Canadian release doesn't include the extras available on the UK set.  However, it does have both English and French language tracks.

Bromwell High Fire Drill
PAL Region 4.  1 disk
Released XX.  135 min
This DVD contains five episodes Tolerance, Keisha\s in Love, Police Story, No More Teachers and Fire Drill



F for Fake (The Criterion Collection) (DVD)


This release of Orson Welles's "free-form documentary" F for Fake includes as a bonus feature the 1995 documetary Orson Welles: One-Man Band. The documentary looks at many of Welles's projects that were never completed as well as short movies that he never released.  This includes work he did with Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden (in the Stately Homes and One Man Band segments).

NTSC Region 1.  2 disks.
Criterion Collection 288
Released 26 April 2005.  88 minutes

Complete 2nd Series DVD

Complete Box Set

Doctor in the House - The Complete Second Series (DVD)


In addition to writing many Doctor in the House scripts with Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden also makes a cameo appearance in the second series episode Doctor on the Box.  This episode is included as a bonus feature on the Goodies DVD The Complete LWT Series in addition to being included on the following Doctor releases.


Doctor in the House - The Complete Second Series
PAL Region 2. 2 disks.
Network 7952592
Released 2 February 2007 325 minutes

Doctor On The Box: The Complete Series
PAL Region 2.  20 DVDs
Released 10 November 2008. 3425 minutes
Includes every episode from each of the five Doctor television seriesDoctor in the House, Doctor at Large, Doctor in Charge, Doctor at Sea and Doctor On the Go.





Whose Line Is It Anyway - The Complete Series 1 & 2 (DVD)


This is a release of the first two series of the British series Whose Line Is It Anyway?, hosted by Clive Anderson. Graeme Garden appears in one of the first series episodes.


NTSC Region 1.  4 disks
A&E AAE-76814
Released 27 March 2007. 12 hours 42 minutes

PAL Region 2
Channel 4 DVD
Released 25 February 2008.  735 min



I'm Sorry I Haven't A

In Sickness and in Health (DVD)

Graeme Garden makes an appearance in series 2 episode 5, Political Candidate.


In Sickness and in Health - Series Two 
PAL Region 2
2entertain BBCDVD2696
Released 22 sept 2008.  173 min

In Sickness and in Health - Complete Series 1-6 and Christmas Specials Box Set
PAL Region 2 Box Set.  8 disks.
Releaed 13 sept 2010.  1410 min




Complete 2nd Series DVD

Complete Box Set


Agatha Christie's Marple (DVD)


Graeme appeared in the Series 3 episode "Nemesis". Note that there are many adaptations of this Agatha Christie story; be sure to get the one from the series "Agatha Christie's Marple" starring Geraldine McEwan from 2005.  


Agatha Christie's Marple Series 3 (2005)
NTSC Region 1. 4 disks
Released 9 October 2007. 372 min
Includes the mysteries: Nemesis, Towards Zero, At Bertram’s Hotel, and Ordeal by Innocence.

Agatha Christie's Marple: Geraldine McEwan Collection (2005)
NTSC Region 1. 12 disks
Released 2 November 2010
Includes the mysteries: The Murder at the Vicarage, The Body in the Library, A Murder Is Announced, 4:50 From Paddington, Sleeping Murder, By the Pricking of My Thumbs, The Moving Finger, The Sittaford Mystery, Towards Zero, Nemesis, At Bertram’s Hotel, and Ordeal by Innocence. The bonus features include an hour-long backstage feature with cast and crew interviews; I don't know whether or not Graeme in this.

Agatha Christie's Marple Series 3 
PAL Region 2.  4 disks
ITV Studios Home Entertainment
Released 6 October 2008.  380 minutes.
Includes the mysteries: Nemesis, Towards Zero, At Bertram’s Hotel, and Ordeal by Innocence.

Agatha Christie's Marple - The Collection Series 1 - 4 
PAL Region 2.  16 disks
ITV Studios Home Entertainment
Released 16 August 2010.  1490 min
Includes the complete series 1-4. 

Agatha Christie's Marple - Series 1-5 Complete 
PAL Region 2.  20 disks.
ITV Studios Home Entertainment
Released 15 August 2011.  1844 minutes.
Includes the complete series 1-5.



Netherlands DVD

Australian DVD

The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff (DVD)

Graeme appeared in the third episode of this 2011 Dickens-parody televsion series.  


PAL Region 2.  2 disks
148 minutes
Released in The Netherlands, with English soundtrack.

PAL Region 4.  1 disk
Released 7 November 2012
Australian release











Murder Most Horrid (DVD)


Graeme appears in this Dawn French series in series 4 episode 4 Confessions of a Murderer.


Murder Most Horrid - Series 4
PAL Region 2
Revelation Films LTD
To Be Released 9 September 2013


Murder Most Horrid - Series 3 & 4

PAL Region 2. 2 disks
Revelation Films LTD
To Be Released 30 September 2013

Graeme's Corporate Videos


Castle Clues (VHS)


Exploring the Tower of London with Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden

This video, presented by Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden, was for educators to show to children who would be visiting The Tower of London.  It was sold in both PAL and NTSC format and came with a booklet of study notes.

From the back of the box: "In Castle Clues Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden explore the Tower in search of its long and varied past as a royal castle.  The clues which they - and the viewer - find, besides explaining the Tower's history and its present day layout, will also guide visitors who want to understand and enjoy other castles.

As well as offering 30 minutes of entertaining viewing, Castle Clues is a carefully structured learning experience, for the 8-12 age group especially, and the accompanying study notes include suggestions for working school and on site directed at developing the skills of evidence-based learning."

Released in PAL and NTSC formats
Royal Armouries at the Tower of London
Releaed 1988.  30 min



Body Maintenance (VHS)


This "Essential Mind and Body programme for Modern Living" was presented by Graeme Garden and Anna Raeburn.  From the back of the box: "Body Maintenance is a unique all-over mind and body programme designed to help you put yourself in charge of your own lifestyle.  You\'ll feel better about yourself, more confident and capable of dealing with the world around you."

Chapters include: Body Basics, Exercise Ideas, Diet Matters, Dealing with Stress, Looking Good, Health Issues, and A Positive Approach.

PAL format
Virgin VBV 14
Released 1989. 55 minutes

What You Really Need to Know About... (VHS)


Graeme was the director of this series of videos produced by John Cleese's Video Arts Company.  Video Arts is known for creating humorous business training films.  This offshoot, Videos for Patients, takes a more serious approach.  The intent was for the videos to be given to patients who had been diagnosed with a medical condition; the thought was that when people are given such news they may be upset or confused and fail to ask their doctor questions about their condition.  The videos were for patients to view at home, to give them a full understanding of the condition, how treatment can help, and other practical points.  Printed inside the video cases was a list of resources (addresses and phone numbers) from which to obtain further information about the condition covered in that tape.

A wide variety of conditions were covered in this series including acne; angina; anxiety; phobias & panics attacks; asthma; breast cancer; cervical smear and its results' cholesterol; chronic bronchitis & emphysemal chronic lymphocytic leukaemia' colostomies, ileostomies & urostomies; constipation; contraception; Crohn's Disease; cystic fibrosis; cystitis; depression; ear infections & glue ear; eczema; enlarged prostate; epilepsy; feeding your baby; fertility problems; heart attacks; hepatitis; high blood pressure; hormone replacement therapy; insulin dependent diabetes; leg ulcers; migraine; non-insulin dependent diabetes; obsessive compulsive disorder; oesophagitis & hiatus hernia; oseeoarthritis; peptic ulcers; prostate cancer; rheumatoid arthrisit; schizophrenia; shingles; stress; strokes; thrush & yeast infections; ulcerative colitis; and weight control.

VHS series
PAL format
Videos for Patients
Releaed 1993-1996