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 Non-Goodies books written by Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, or Bill Oddie.


Works by Tim Brooke-Taylor


Rule Britannia: The Ways and World of the True British Gentleman and Patriot 


Author: Tim Brooke-Taylor

Published by J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd on August 4, 1983
ISBN: 0460045431
170 pages

In this book Tim Brooke-Taylor tries to answer questions about the characteristics of the British Gentleman and Patriot and to determine whether the species still flourishes today.



Hardcover Edition

Paperback Edition

Tim Brooke-Taylor’s Golf Bag 


Author: Tim Brooke-Taylor

Hardcover Edition
Published by Hutchinson on October 6, 1988
ISBN: 0091737028
128 pages

Paperback Edition
Published by Arrow in June 1989
ISBN: 0099634600
128 pages

A humorous golf-themed book written by Tim. Here’s a description from the book’s sleeve: “Tim Brooke-Taylor’s Golf Bag is a picturesque eighteen-chapter golf book which comes complete with scorecard, allowing you the opportunity to ‘play’ and read at the same time. Outstanding chapters include the short ninth, ‘The Rules of Golf’, which answers all those perennial questions – does the Atlantic Ocean constitute casual water? Do you play it as it lies, or drop it on a dead body, an alligator or the Captain’s wife?”



Hardcover Edition

Paperback Edition

Tim Brooke-Taylor’s Cricket Box 


Author: Tim Brooke-Taylor

Hardcover Edition
Published by Hutchinson on May 22, 1986
ISBN: 0091638909
138 pages

Paperback Edition
Published by Arrow on May 19, 1988
ISBN: 0099547007
142 pages

In a follow-up to his book about golf, Tim tackles the sport of cricket. The jacket says, “With this godsend of a book, Tim Brooke-Taylor takes cricket out of the Long Room into the lunatic asylum. In the po-faced prose familiar to Goodies fans, he gives invaluable advice on cricket tactics and choreography, defeating umpires and inspecting pitches.”






Works by Graeme Garden


The Seventh Man

(aka The Seventh Man: My Part in the Defection Scandal. By Geoffrey T. Alsop as told to Graeme Garden) 


Author: Graeme Garden

Hardcover Edition
Published by Eyre Methuen on October 1, 1981
ISBN: 0413490807
140 pages

Paperback Edition
Published by Methuen Paperbacks on November 11, 1982
ISBN: 0413508706
144 pages

A work of fiction which is supposedly the memoirs of a senior MI6 official who describes his involvement in the (real-life) 1951 defection of British diplomats Burgess and Maclean to Moscow.



Graeme Garden’s Compendium of Very Silly Games


Author: Graeme Garden

Published by Methuen Paperbacks on November 12, 1987
ISBN: 0413147606
96 pages

An amusing guide to some very silly games that only Graeme Garden could devise. As an example, here are his rules for a commonly played variation of Bridge called Suspension Bridge: “1. The four players are paired off. North partners South, and East partners West. 2. The dealer shuffles and cuts the pack. 3. The dealer does notdeal the cards. 4. When the suspense has become unbearable, the game is declared over."




Hardcover Edition

one of the paperback Edition

The Best Medicine: Graeme Garden’s Book of Medical Humour 


Compiled and illustrated by Graeme Garden

Hardcover Edition
Published by Robson Books in 1984
ISBN: 0860512959
144 pages

Paperback Editions
Published by Coronet Books on December 1, 1987
ISBN: 0340413689
144 pages

ISBN: 0312077092Published by St Martins Press (New York, NY) on November 1, 1985
108 pages

A compilation of medical jokes, witticisms and anecdotes (including original contributions from distinguished doctors and famous personalities). Royalties from the book went to Action Research for the Crippled Child.  



A Sense of the Past 


Author: Graeme Garden (with Graham Nown)

Published by Ward Lock Limited on September 2, 1985
ISBN: 0706363450
128 pages

A tie-in to the Yorkshire Television series presented by Graeme Garden. The book “provides a guide to the local and accessible sources of history. It explores the past that lies, for example, in photographs, shops and buildings, swimming baths, graveyards, pubs, packaging and advertising…The book will provide a valuable source of interest and reference for all those who enjoy making historical discoveries of their own, or who wish to develop their understanding of the past and to preserve it for the future.”





The Skylighters 


Authors: Graeme Garden and Neil Canning (Illustrator)

Hardcover Edition
Published by Oxford University Press on April 1, 1988
ISBN: 0195206428
30 pages

Paperback Edition
Published by Methuen Publishing Ltd on April 28, 1988
ISBN: 0416046126
32 pages

A children’s book consisting of witty rhyming verse written by Graeme about the “shadowy little band of character who create our skyscapes.” The book also features watercolor illustrations by Neil Canning. 


The Doings of Hamish & Dougal: You'll Have Had Your Tea?


Authors: Graeme Garden & Barry Cryer

Published by Preface Publishing on August 28, 2008
ISBN: 978 1848 090231
280 pages

The complete collection of scripts from BBC Radio 4's "Hamish & Dougal: You'll Have Had Your Tea" including all three series, the Hogmanay Special, and the Burns Night special.

In addition to the scripts, the book contains more delights from the world of Hamish & Dougal including recipes from Mrs. Naughtie, "Folk o' the Glen" by the Laird, features such as "oot and Aboot", "Glimpses o' the Glen (a pictorial record of all the major events in the Glen), "Highland Fun and Games", and more.



Works by Bill Oddie



Hardcover Edition

Paperback Edition

The Toilet Book or 11 1/2 Minutes a Day… and How Not to Waste Them


Authors: Bill Oddie & Laura Beaumont

Hardcover Edition
Published by Methuen on November 8, 1984
ISBN: 0413569101
98 pages

Paperback Edition
Published by Methuen in 1986
ISBN: 0413140202 
98 pages 

This humorous book was written by Bill Oddie and his wife, Laura Beaumont. The premise is to help people make good use of the average 11 ½ minutes per day they spend going to the toilet. This includes: “Keeping fit on the toilet, increasing your word-power, improving your ventriloquism, learning to tap-dance, practicing origami, and much much more.”



From the Top 


Author: Bill Oddie and Laura Beaumont

Published by Methuen Publishing LTD in 1985
ISBN: 0416511600
144 pages

“The complete story of the hilarious ITV series” which was written by Bill Oddie and Laura Beaumont (and, as a bit of trivia for Monkees fans, was produced and directed by Michael, aka Micky, Dolenz). It’s the story of William Worthington, a bank manager who decides he wants to be a star (despite the fact that he can’t sing, dance, or act). Determined to make it in spite of this, he enrolls in the Jolly Theatre School.


Megatot and the Robotty Potty Plot  


Authors: Bill Oddie and Laura Beaumont.  

Illustrated by Robin Kingsland

Published by Fantial on 2 Novebmer 1989
ISBN-13: 978-0140900231
64 pages





Hardcover Edition

audio CD edition

One Flew into the Cuckoo's Egg 


Author: Bill Oddie

Published by Hodder & Stoughton September 4, 2008
ISBN: 978 0340951927
312 pages

Published by Hodder & Stoughton 2008
ISBN: 978 0340951934
312 pages

Audio CD (2 CD set)
Published by Hodder & Stoughton October 16, 2008
ISBN: 978 1 884456 6495
2 hours
Read by the author

Bill's autobiography, in which he talks about his relationship with his mentally ill mother, his own struggles with clinical depression, and other aspects of his life.